Out of Office is a travel podcast hosted by Ryan Davis and Kiernan Schmitt. From early childhood, they were each infected with a serious case of wanderlust (among other things.)

The boys define travel broadly, from local day trips to high-flyin’ overseas adventures. Each week, they dig into one topic—ranging from the serious to the silly, the practical to the outlandish—and give advice on how to get out there and explore the world.


Brooklyn resident and
big city travel enthusiast

Favorite cities in North America

New York City, Mexico City, Montreal

Favorite road trip song

“On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson

Travel gear must-haves

International data plan

Current trip I’m dreaming of

In the US, Little Rock. In the world, Brazil.


National Parks enthusiast and
Theodore Roosevelt obsessive

Favorite trips abroad

England, Morocco, Myanmar

Favorite road trip song

“Something in the Water” by Pokey LaFarge

Travel gear must-haves

Headlamp and clipboard

Current trip I’m dreaming of

In the US, Crater Lake. In the world, Patagonia.

Out Of Office: A Travel Podcast
by Kiernan Schmitt & Ryan Davis

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